From this newly established centre, Huawei will show its latest global and innovative ICT R&D results and ICT solutions specifically to the European enterprise market and European clients.

Chinese telecom giant in the Amsterdam Area

Huawei is one of the world’s largest telecommunications firms. It manufactures telecommunications and terminal equipment, smart phones, mobile telephones, HSDPA/UMTS data cards, routers and antennae, and it develops the required software modules to operate these products. According to a press statement, this significant expansion of Huawei in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area highlights the company’s commitment to Europe, where it has over 7,500 employees, including 800 in R&D. Moreover, the company plans to hire a further 5,500 European employees over the coming five years.

An ideal location for market expansion

Huawei decided to open an office in the Amsterdam Area in 2005. Since then, the company has grown significantly in both Europe and in the rest of the world. Victor Chen, who helped to set up the Amsterdam office, told Proud Amsterdam in 2007 why Amsterdam was the right choice as their European base.

“In this region, there is a large concentration of logistics service providers,” said Chen. “That helped with the structuring of our processes and the choice of the correct systems. In that cluster, there is also a lot of knowledge and expertise concerning how you can best arrange your supporting processes and which requirements you must satisfy in Europe as a foreign operator. That has turned out to be important support for us.” Moreover, Huawei praises the availability of highly skilled and flexible personnel.

A home to headquarters

The company's latest expansion in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area reflects that it still regards Amstelveen as a very beneficial base from which to increase market share in Europe. With more than 271 European and 30 global headquarters present in the region, Huawei also finds that many customers are located just around the corner. Moreover, due to its excellent accessibility, provided by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the rest of the world is never far away.