Global Dynamism Index 2013

Developed in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Global Dynamism Index (GDI) ranks 60 of the world's largest economies on 22 indicators of dynamism. Australia tops this year’s list, followed by Chile and China. Based on the overall measure of dynamism, the Netherlands ranks 38th globally.

The historic traditions of Dutch trading

The Netherlands scores very highly on some specific indicators, such as the Business Operating Environment, foreign trade, political stability and several IT-related indicators. These new findings illustrate the long-standing tradition of the Dutch fostering trade and international business. Amsterdam was home to the first stock exchange and is known for its open, international character and orientation, which attracts talent and companies from all over the world.

Amsterdam technology hub

Strongly positioned for the future, Amsterdam is a thriving tech hub and has the most digitally connected economy in the world, with a particularly global mindset when it comes to developing innovative ICT businesses. Very few cities can match the cross-border collaboration between the digital, creative and marketing workforces that are abundant here. Moreover, bandwidth in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is affordable and comparable to Silicon Valley.

UBM's Future Cities, a global community for digital issues and analysis, has identified Amsterdam as one of the 10 greatest internet cities around the world based on factors such as digital connectedness and connectivity.