The Dutch newspaper Het Parool (in Dutch) recently published an article about the ways in which the City of Amsterdam caters to the needs of producers by providing an easy way to complete all necessary paperwork.

The Film Protocol

In principle, shooting a film in Amsterdam does not require a permit. However, the appropriate city district should always be notified before making any recordings. This allows the authorities to ensure that multiple events or activities at any desired location are not taking place simultaneously. However, for some activities, such as the closure of public roads or the placement of props in public areas, permits or waivers are often required.

The Film Protocol has been developed to achieve an efficient service-oriented solution for location managers and producers, as well as local residents, businesses and any visitors affected – before, during and following any production. The form will help to quickly establish whether registration is sufficient, or if further permits are required. The city council will then check for conflicting activities in the requested public areas, or whether a film shoot is planned for restricted areas. After filling out the form, producers should receive a response within two working days.

Film Commission

Most productions in Amsterdam are small or medium sized and in these cases the city only needs to be notified. Large or special productions generally require an appointment with the Film Commission. However, anyone seeking to shoot a movie, commercial, photo or documentary in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is invited to preemptively contact the Amsterdam Film Commission, as it provides an expansive, quick and custom service to aid film production throughout the city and beyond.


If you are considering a film project within the Amsterdam Area, do not hesitate to contact the Amsterdam Film Commission.

Simon Brester
Film Commissioner
T: +31 6 5130 1197
E: [email protected]