The heart of European maritime

Euroports announced the relocation of their international headquarters in a press statement, noting that the relocation to the Amsterdam Area brings the company closer to the heart of the European maritime supply chain community. Charles Menkhorst, Group CEO of Euroports, commented: “In Hoofddorp, we will be closer to many of our customers and stakeholders and benefit from a very competitive infrastructure. We also expect to have better access to the maritime supply chain experts we will be looking to recruit as we continue to grow our business.”

Logistics hub

By establishing their international headquarters in the Amsterdam Area, Euroports joins many other successful international companies in the logistics sector. Another fine example is Container Centralen, a Danish company and market leader in pot plant logistics. When Container Centralen announced their plans to relocate their head office from Odense (Denmark) to Hoofddorp, Roel de Jong, the CEO of CC, noted, “In many ways the Netherlands is the logistics centre of Europe.”

Ports of Amsterdam growth

That the Amsterdam Area is at the heart of the European maritime supply chain community is illustrated by the outstanding results of the ports of Amsterdam in 2012. In Amsterdam, transhipments increased by 3% compared to 2011 (to 77 million tons). These figures represent a new transhipment record for the Amsterdam port. The previous record dates from 2008, with a transhipment total of 76 million tons.