Positive outlook

The report combines an analysis of international investment into Europe over the last year with a survey of more than 800 global executives on their views about how and where global investment will take place in the next decade. The Netherlands rank sixth in terms of the number of FDI projects in 2013, pulling in 161 projects. According to the report, investors are very positive about the future. 54% of the respondents think that Europe’s attractiveness will improve in the next three years.

Parallels to other trend reports

Due to different methodologies used, the numbers in various trend reports don't always match, but it can be said that in general there is a positive trend in the number of companies that choose to establish themselves in the Netherlands. According to the results of IBM’s annual Global Location Trends report as reported in Computable [in Dutch], the number of new foreign investment projects in the Netherlands has increased to 370. This is the largest number of foreign investment projects that the Netherlands has ever attracted in one year.

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area attracts international companies

Within the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area traditionally attracts the most foreign companies. The results of research by amsterdam inbusiness show that 115 new international companies established offices in the Amsterdam Area in 2013. Collectively they created direct employment for a total of 1,727 people. Just like in the rest of the Netherlands, most foreign companies that set up an office in the Amsterdam Area had their roots in the USA. Other important foreign investors come from Asian countries such as China and India.