Electric charging points in Amsterdam

To stimulate the adoption of electric transportation, recharging stations are being erected all over the Netherlands. Thanks to the presence of more than 600 charging stations throughout Amsterdam, drivers of electric cars never need worry about getting stuck with a flat battery. To keep this leading position as a hub for public transport, a network of 2,000 charging stations should be scattered throughout the city by 2015. You can learn more about the initiative here (in Dutch).

Leading the electric car revolution

Within the Netherlands, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has set a leading example over how to build a greener future by encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles. Car manufacturers from around the world (including Tesla and Nissan) have come here to test and showcase their latest electric vehicles and the city has successfully invested in the installation of charging points around the city. There is also a fleet of electric taxis operating in and around the city.

The city supports transport innovation

In recent years the city has also launched several subsidy schemes to encourage the general public and businesses to make use of electric vehicles. You can learn more about Amsterdam's electric vehicle subsidy here.