Amsterdam’s popular business district

According to several Dutch media outlets (eg Het Parool) in Dutch only, Chanel has spent almost 45 million on the new office space, which is located at the Zuidas, one of the most popular business districts of Amsterdam. While in many areas of the country businesses have had to cancel construction plans, the appetite of investors for Zuidas office space remain high. Chanel is the latest example of a multinational that has chosen to set up here. Other examples of international companies that recently established or expanded their offices in the Zuidas district include South Stream Transport, which signed a lease for approximately 4,200 m2 in the UN Studio building for its new European headquarters. And CRH, a leader in construction materials, has committed to 1,600 m2 in The Rock, to be used as its new regional headquarters.

Fashion hub Amsterdam

Chanel’s move illustrates the popularity of Amsterdam for fashion and apparel brands. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is a true ‘fashion hub’ that’s home to more than 100 fashion houses. Recently Calvin Klein also decided to locate its European headquarters in Amsterdam.

Zuidas: the financial district of Amsterdam

The Zuidas is a modern, easily accessible city district, with plenty of space for living, working and entertainment, all encompassed in a cosmopolitan setting. The area is just six minutes by train from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and less than 10 minutes by tram and metro from the historical city centre of Amsterdam. Many leading international companies are located in the Zuidas, including Google, the ING Group, Akzo Nobel and Baker & McKenzie.

Home to headquarters

This seems to be creating a critical mass effect. The presence of so many outstanding business services providers draws more international headquarters to the Amsterdam Area. In 2013, the region attracted 23 headquarters and 53 marketing & sales offices, collectively creating 1,392 jobs. A number of significant trends, including internationalisation, consolidation in strongly performing regions, the availability of fast internet connections, quality of life and the availability of domestic and international talent, ensure that the region remains an attractive option.