The power of art and photography

Canon has announced that it will provide the Van Gogh Museum with financial support. In turn, the museum will increasingly use innovative digital programmes and instruments to bring scientific and educational projects to the attention of large audiences. In a press statement, Rokus van Iperen, President & CEO of Canon Europe comments: “Canon believes in the power of the image, and at the Van Gogh Museum everything revolves around the impact these images – paintings, in particular – have on the viewer. The Van Gogh Museum is a leading museum, not only in the Netherlands, but also globally. We are therefore also extremely proud of this cooperation, and – in addition to financial support – we will offer our expertise in the area of digital imaging.”

Think big in Amsterdam

For other international companies already active in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, amsterdam inbusiness is always working to nurture growth. Moreover, we can help multinationals give back to society by embracing corporate responsibility projects, such as this partnership between Canon and Van Gogh Museum. Interested in learning more? Don’t hesitate to contact us.