Major cultural destination

Regarding its new initiative in Amsterdam, Bonhams noted that the city is re-establishing itself as a major cultural destination. Saskia Magnin, who directs Bonhams’ operations in the Netherlands, commented in a press statement: “It is a very exciting time to be opening our new facility, happening as it is amidst all the excitement of 2013, which is proving to be an important artistic and cultural year for Amsterdam.”

Several world famous museums have recently reopened in Amsterdam this year following substantial refurbishment. The Rijksmuseum opened on 13 April, while the Stedelijk Museum opened in September 2012. This week also saw the reopening of the Van Gogh Museum.

Amsterdam's excellent infrastructure

The Amsterdam Area is extremely well connected. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is centrally located, which means a mere two hours flying time to all crucial business destinations within Europe. At this award-winning airport more than 90 airlines serve approximately 300 destinations around the world. Schiphol is the third-largest European cargo airport and the fourth-largest European passenger airport. It has also been ranked by passengers as one of the top three airports in the world.

From Amsterdam, high-speed rail services connect you directly to Paris and Brussels within a few hours. While the Port of Amsterdam is ranked fourth in Europe, with easy, direct connections to the hinterland by rail, road and water.