Reaching out to European customers from Amsterdam

BitPay is a payment service provider that specialises in processing bitcoin transactions in e-commerce and between businesses. In a press statement published by several news outlets (including Yahoo Finance), BitPay indicate that they aim to grow rapidly in Europe following on from the establishment of their European headquarters in Amsterdam. In the statement, Marcel Roelants from BitPay’s Board of Advisors comments: “As the world of payments is changing rapidly, BitPay is at the forefront offering technology and support to merchants. Establishing its headquarters in Amsterdam is a great way to be closer to its European customers.”

A growing currency

Bitcoin is a virtual currency used in a peer-to-peer electronic payment system. The system is not controlled by any central bank or other formal entity. Since its popularity increased exponentially in 2013, many providers of bitcoin-related services have been established all over the world.

Large pool of international service providers

Setting up their European headquarters in Amsterdam is very likely to be beneficial to BitPay. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area hosts many global players in the fields of professional services covering legal affairs, media, ICT, pensions and tax consultancy, all of which work to ensure businesses in the area are served efficiently.

Friendly climate for international business

The Netherlands has always given priority to a transparent and stable tax system, flexible enough to anticipate the rapidly changing requirements of international economic flows. Furthermore, tax agreements have been made with most of the world’s trading nations (more than 90 countries), which guarantee unequivocal treatment. This benefits both local businesses and international investment in Amsterdam.