Amsterdam: a thriving startup city

Wired found Amsterdam to be an attractive city for foreign investment due to its friendly fiscal climate, liberal tax laws and the tolerant and international culture. Reflecting on their findings, the magazine compiled a list of 10 startups in the technology sector from in and around Amsterdam that are worth watching:

  • Peecho, a company that connects websites to a network of print facilities allowing its 2,000 customers to turn digital photos and documents into print products and sell books, magazines and more, from their own websites.
  • SkyNRG develops and sells RSB-certified sustainable biofuels for the airline industry.
  • Silk enables its users to gather content from many webpages into a collection to present information in a new format.
  • Ayden a company that handles online payments in various currencies.
  • Squla develops apps with quizzes, games and instruction movies geared toward making learning fun, especially for primary school age kids.
  • Fashiolista is a social media platform where fashionistas can share their latest finds.
  • Greenclouds helps to maximise spare capacity on cloud servers.
  • 3D Hubs connects people who would like to use a 3D printer to the nearest location of one.
  • Wercker is a platform that connects developers and the platforms where they publish their new codes in order to help test and deploy.
  • Bottlenose is a startup that aggregates real-time social media updates and highlights the key topics.

These exciting Dutch tech startups illustrate the fact that Amsterdam is an inspiring city bursting with talented professionals working in the creative and ICT industries.