Magnet for talent

The city acts as a magnet for talented people from all over the globe since people like to live and work in Amsterdam. The city is home to a productive regional workforce from 180 different countries, with a large share of residents having participated in higher education (44%). Amsterdam has the country’s highest density of knowledge workers and an increasing influx of workers from other EU countries – all facilitated by the Expatcenter.

Eighty percent of the workforce speaks English, making Amsterdam the largest anglophone city in continental Europe, while 90% of the workforce speaks two or more languages. According to the World Talent Index, the Netherlands ranks fourth in the world for attracting and developing talent, surpassing every other country on the European continent.

Startup veterans praise Amsterdam’s startup scene

He is not the only entrepreneur to have praised the vibrancy of Amsterdam as a hub for international startups. During a visit to the city in March 2012, Dom Sagolla, one of the co-founders of Twitter, praised Amsterdam for creating a great culture for app makers. He noted the excellent ecosystem for software development in Amsterdam, mentioning the weekly networking opportunities, great contacts with Silicon Valley, the lifestyle of cycling and the fearlessness of developers here.