Magnet for electric vehicle innovation

The article in the Korea Times notes that no discussion about electric transportation can take place without mentioning Amsterdam. Meanwhile, the New York Times article mentions that “to encourage electric driving, the Netherlands is developing a rapidly expanding national grid of charging stations in cities and along highways; and Amsterdam offers owners of electric vehicles free street parking and charging.”

Car manufacturers around the world come here to test and show their latest electric vehicles. In less than three years, the number of electric cars on the streets of Amsterdam has increased more than 10 fold to almost 800 in January 2013. And by encouraging businesses in Amsterdam to invest in electric transportation, the city boosts innovation, sustainable development and the quality of living in the area.

Amsterdam electric

Amsterdam is gearing up towards becoming a green transportation hub. In recent years the city has launched several subsidy schemes to encourage the general public and businesses to make use of electric vehicles. You can learn more about Amsterdam's 2013 electric vehicle subsidy here (in Dutch). There is also a fleet of electric taxis operating in and around the city.

Charging points

To stimulate electric transportation yet further, recharging stations are being erected all over the Netherlands. With these public charging points, anybody with an electric vehicle can park and charge for free. Naturally, these charging points typically make use of green electricity, derived from national wind and solar projects. Thanks to the presence of more than 400 charging stations throughout Amsterdam, drivers of electric cars never need worry about getting stuck with a flat battery.