Frontrunners in social media

The jury report stated:  “While most airports are slow to catch on with social media, Schiphol Airport has clearly demonstrated thought leadership in this space. Through unique emotionally engaging initiatives, they understand that building brand preference requires a long-term relationship with travellers. It has been a steady journey for the airport to become the best in the world on social media in 2013”.

Digital nation

Schiphol’s success in this field illustrates the fact that social media is pervasive in Dutch culture, with the highest penetration of social media in the world. Approximately 96% of the entire online Dutch population uses social media. The Netherlands also has an exceptionally high representation in the social networking sites Twitter and LinkedIn, ranking first among all countries in internet penetration for these sites.

Award-winning airport

This is one of the many awards that Schiphol has recently won. Skytrax, a consultancy that conducts research into the quality of civil aviation, awarded Amsterdam Airport Schiphol the prize of Europe’s best airport earlier in 2013.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was also rated the third-best airport internationally, beaten only by Singapore Changi Airport and Incheon International Airport (South Korea). When considering airports around the world that process more than 50 million passengers per year, Schiphol is ranked as the second-best international airport.