During this trip the delegation visited several Japanese companies that are doing business in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Strong ties between Amstelveen and Japan

The Netherlands and Japan have a long running trade relationship going back more than 400 years. Today, the business ties between Japan and the Netherlands remain just as strong. After the United States, Japan has been the biggest foreign investor in the Amsterdam Area for many years. The region’s competitive tax regime, strategic location, the presence of more than 2,000 international companies and the fact that there is a substantial Japanese community here acts as a magnet to many Japanese firms. What’s more, Amstelveen in particular is home to a thriving Japanese community with dedicated schooling and health services.

Electric Vehicles

Together with two representatives from Mitsubishi, the delegation visited the Gotō Islands where they learned more about an electric transportation project in the area. The municipality in Gotō has purchased 82 electric vehicles that citizens and visitors can hire. Several charging stations and locations where drivers can collect tourist information were also set up. Since the Amsterdam Area is also working hard to encourage the use of electric vehicles, the project in Gotō proved to be especially inspirational.

Car manufacturers from around the world already come to the Amsterdam Area to test and showcase their latest electric vehicles. In less than three years, the number of electric cars on the streets of Amsterdam has increased more than 10 fold to almost 800 in January 2013. And by encouraging businesses in Amsterdam to invest in electric transportation, the city boosts innovation, sustainable development and the quality of living in the area.