Amsterdam Internet Exchange creates US legal entity

In a statement, the AMS-IX reveals: “in an extraordinary General Meeting (GM) held on 27 September 2013, AMS-IX members approved the set up of a US-based legal entity by a majority of votes.” To nurture future growth, the AMS-IX aims to build and expand exchanges in the US, and setting up a legal entity marks the first step in the expansion. The aim is to encourage development of neutral and distributed internet exchanges, as well as reduce the complexity and cost of IP interconnection.

The AMS-IX is the largest data transport hub in the world. Fibre optic cables transport data to an increasing number of large and small networks, portals and web farms. In 2012, the total internet traffic volume at AMS-IX grew by 29% to 4.1 exabytes (4,140,000 terabytes). To further growth, the AMS-IX is expanding both nationally and internationally. AMS-IX already operates exchanges in Hong Kong and the Caribbean.

Best business initiative

Given the presence of AMS-IX, it is no surprise that the Netherlands is one of the most 'wired' countries in the world. Approximately 84% of households have broadband internet access. A key factor in this success is the focus on market competition between the fixed ADSL, cable and fibre networks, and the mobile broadband providers, supported and stimulated by a national policy promoting open networks.

The AMS-IX was also awarded the Best Business Initiative Award in 2012 during the anniversary meeting of the Dutch chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC). In winning this award, AMS-IX was recognised as a shining example to others in the internet industry due to the way the organisation deploys its services so effectively.