Circular and productive

Year after year, Amsterdam has been the proud location of the world’s most sustainable office buildings. After the TNT Centre and the Kraanspoor building, the current holder of the title is The Edge in the city’s Zuidas business district. Green, smart, sustainable and innovative, the building uses advanced technology to revolutionise the way employees interact in and with their workspace.

Healthy buildings, happy tenants

Offices or even entire business parks that are built according to circular principles have numerous advantages. In addition to the obvious savings effected by energy efficiency, they also tend to house a happier, healthier workforce. A healthy indoor climate, innovative architecture and new ways of working attract young, creative talent, increase productivity and lower sick leave rates. Take Park 20|20: this business park has been created fully in accordance with the cradle-to-cradle principle. All buildings are energy-neutral, plans are in place for the reuse of all components and the business tenants have plenty of circular credentials of their own, pioneering new work models to improve their employees’ work-life balance. These factors combine to make working at Park 20|20 highly desirable, attracting plenty of talent to the business park.

Circular interior solutions

As for the interior of the circular office, a number of Dutch designers and manufacturers make circular office furniture. Desko is one of them: a supplier and producer of office furniture, the company has developed a three-tier buy-back scheme that extends the lifespan of office furniture from seven to up to 21 years. In addition, Desko strives for the reusability of as much furniture or its components as possible, using existing resources in the production of new furniture. The long-established furniture manufacturer Ahrend adheres to cradle-to-cradle principles along all steps of design, sourcing of materials – including textiles by fellow circular business Reblend – and production. It also aims for timeless and modular items and provides high-quality maintenance to lengthen all products’ lifespan and encourage reuse. And carpet and carpet tile maker Desso likewise operates according to a circular economy model based on cradle-to-cradle design.