Limiting waste and saving value

A business with tradition, Desko has provided products and services in the office design sector since 1952. But tradition for Desko does not mean standing still, and according to the company, it wants to actively contribute to the solution of excess waste, scarcity of natural resources and value destruction.

Circular concept

To achieve this mission, Desko has developed a circular furniture concept. A three-tier buy-back scheme extends the lifespan of office furniture from seven to up to 21 years. Clients can buy, lease, rent or hire-purchase furniture with a set guaranteed rest value. Replacing the old does not necessarily mean throwing it away, as Desko strives for the reusability of as much furniture as possible. By revitalising and remodelling furniture, it gets a second and a third life cycle. Components of a piece of furniture that is at the end of its life cycle are often put to use in different ways.

Sustainable production

In the production of new furniture, Desko uses existing resources and thus brings them back into the cycle. For example, the Duo work space is created with recycled steel. Research by Circle Economy that measured the environmental effects of this in combination with the three-tier buy-back scheme has indicated a CO2 emission reduction by 62% and a reduction of abiotic resource depletion by 61%.