World Summit AI 2022: transforming business and society  

World AI Week, the only week in the world dedicated to the global AI ecosystem, gathered more than 16,000 experts, innovators and business leaders in the field of artificial intelligence in Amsterdam for the biggest AI-event comeback since the pandemic. Dubbed the “AI reunion of the year”, World AI Week is a platform developed by InspiredMinds! in partnership with the City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Convention Bureau, Accenture, StartupAmsterdam and Smart Health Amsterdam, culminating in the world’s leading summit for artificial intelligence—World Summit AI 2022.

From October 12-13, World Summit AI 2022 set the stage for 200+ speakers across 11 tracks to explore how AI is transforming business and society from AI ethics and transparency, digital privacy, to the use of artificial intelligence in fighting the climate crisis and building livable and safe cities using AI-powered technologies. Automation, creativity, diversity, innovation, responsibility and optimisation were among the main topics explored during the 2-day program, drawing 6,000+ attendees including investors, big tech, business leaders, startups and academics to set the global AI agenda together. 

Strong AI ecosystem, strong local support 

World Summit AI

As a leader for AI-driven research and innovation across healthcare, ethics and social equality, Amsterdam is a fitting place for preeminent tech and AI events like WSAI 2022 to evolve and meet with success. Amsterdam is a dynamic tech hub and host to numerous events across the tech and AI industry, from annual flagship conventions to budding international conferences making a start in the Dutch capital. And the city’s AI landscape is only growing with substantial investments being made across artificial intelligence and data science with numerous organisations working towards ethical AI solutions for tomorrow. 

Among valuable contributors to the growth of Amsterdam’s AI ecosystem are conventions like WSAI 2022 that boost investment in the city’s tech and science scene and generate significant economic growth in the region. To ensure the success of the 2022 flagship AI summit, the Amsterdam Convention Bureau worked directly with InspiredMinds! representatives to source the best accommodation and venue options, recommend local suppliers, arrange promotional materials and onsite branding, and power the Amsterdam Booth together with Startup Amsterdam and Smart Health Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam and AI: “where real change happens”

World Summit AI stage 2022

Thanks to an extensive network of contacts with city officials, academics, businesses, future thought-leaders and the city’s startup scene, the Amsterdam Convention Bureau can ensure events like WSAI 2022 are fully supported. By connecting the right event parties, the convention bureau helps leading summits like WSAI 2022 truly blend into the city’s AI ecosystem and bring its ambitions to life. The city’s robust digital infrastructure, unrivalled international accessibility and unique venue options keeps event planners and delegates excited to return again and again, making the city ideally placed to host events like WSAI 2022 to expand their reach and generate impact.

As Shirry Liram, Group Director of InspiredMinds! affirmed: “For the 6th year, major international players in AI gather in Amsterdam for the world’s leading AI summit, cementing the city as THE centre for AI globally. This is the place where headlines are made and deals are forged. Most importantly, this is the place where real change happens”. 

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