Mandy Sugrue - Director of Communications for the International AIDS Society

"Amsterdam was an optimal location for the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018). It’s a global city known for its social tolerance and progressive approaches to fighting HIV and HIV-related stigma. City officials opened their arms to our delegates and made the International AIDS Conference a tangible and visible presence that was felt throughout the city. It was nearly impossible to venture to any part of the city, without seeing AIDS 2018 banners or an AIDS red ribbon visible.

The RAI Amsterdam provided a large and multi-purpose space for hosting the more than 16,000 people who attended the world’s largest conference on any global health issue. The venue offered every conceivable infrastructural or logistical need, from venue build-up, safety and crowd flow management for our delegates, WiFi, and wonderful food options available onsite.

Perhaps no measure more indicative of the support shown us by the city of Amsterdam was the participation of hundreds of Dutch volunteers, who devoted their time throughout the week to provide a positive experience for AIDS 2018 attendees. AIDS 2018 was a historic week in the global AIDS response. It provided a platform for the largest participation of young people at any other AIDS conference, ensuring the next voices of the next generation were heard and had a seat at the table. It presented critical data and science on how to reach the people and communities most vulnerable to HIV, highlighting the importance of leaving no one behind in the HIV response. It spotlighted the growing epidemic in neighbouring Eastern Europe and --- reminding the world that AIDS is not over.  

We are deeply grateful for the support of our Dutch partners and colleagues, and to the city of Amsterdam for hosting AIDS 2018." 

Michael Crimp – CEO of IBC

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) has been coming to Amsterdam for over 20 years. CEO Michael Crimp explains why. “The initial attractions are still there. It is a very open and multicultural city; it has got fantastic international connections. The language of our business, and one that is spoken very widely and very well in Amsterdam, is English. The RAI is a well-positioned facility with a good team of people, and the City is working hard to understand that we’ve got a long-term sustainable business and we want long-term relationships.” Read more about IBC's success in Amsterdam.

Paula Barkay – Administrative Director of the Neuropsychoanalysis Centre, London

“The Neuropsychoanalysis Association congress committee chose Amsterdam for the wonderful local support we have there. It is a beautiful city, friendly and culturally very rich; lastly, it is easily accessible by train from other European capitals, and by plane from all over the world. The support from amsterdam&partners is friendly and constructive – altogether very helpful. I recommend them enthusiastically; other cities should use it as their model.”

Chelsea Thomas – Congress Account Manager for EuroPRevent 2014

What made you decide to choose Amsterdam for the EuroPRevent Congress in May 2014?
“To me Amsterdam is one of the best cities in Europe in terms of delivery and everything that they might have provided in the past and even for this conference. I think that the results are the clients. And the clients have been incredibly content with what they have seen and experienced.”

How was your experience with the services of amsterdam&partners?
“I was lucky to work with amsterdam&partners as I found them helpful and knowledgeable. They go one step beyond and they are always ready to assist with any the last minute needs.”

Ben Hainsworth – Congress Manager for the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2013

What made you decide to choose Amsterdam for the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology in August 2013?
“The role in life science and cardiology in particular is one of the main reasons. And certainly the reason why we come back. Amsterdam has always been a reference point as a conference city, which is why we are so glad to come back. It is really a city that has everything you need for a conference. We come along and feel at home here.”

How was your experience with the services of amsterdam&partners?
“amsterdam&partners is a key player in promoting the congress to the delegates via materials, brochures and films. They've helped us to find hotels, venues for social events, suppliers and are a real ambassador for the city.”