Realise the potential of social innovation

The Masterclass Societal Transitions combines a critical perspective on societal change with pragmatic tools and insights from transition management and entrepreneurial practice. It does so by tapping into the latest research and practice on social innovation and sustainability transitions, using the combined expertise of the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions and the Impact Hub network.

The Masterclass consists of five thematic modules, spread out over five days and one evening. In these modules you will learn to:

• Apply system thinking
• Analyse transition dynamics in your field
• Identify relevant actors and power relations
• Recognise societal trends and movements
• Design a transition intervention
• Construct your own narrative of change

The programme involves a series of interactive lectures, discussions and participatory events, encouraging participants to apply concepts and insights in their own work through feedback and relevant readings. It is taught by both experts in a variety of fields, from sustainability to social entrepreneurship and transitions.