Using blockchain to aid international development

Over the past year, it's been hard to escape blockchain. You'd be hard-pressed to attend a tech conference or meeting without at least someone bringing up the disruptive new tech. But what is blockchain doing for international development cooperation and disaster relief? Well, for one, the UN has used it to transfer cryptocurrency vouchers to over 10,000 refugees in Syria.

Blockchain for Change gathers a line-up of in-the-know speakers to discuss how blockchain can be further utilised to make our world better, smarter and more efficient – as well as the current ways cypto is currently being leveraged. Speakers include blockchain experts Yvo Hunink and Tobias Disse, Tey el-Rjula and Khalid Maliki (founders, Tykn), and Simone Vermeend, author of Blockchain: The Technology That Will Change the World Radically.

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