Code of conduct

The Foundation for the Code for Pharmaceutical Advertising (CGR) was founded to implement a Code of Conduct for Pharmaceutical Advertising. Organisers of medical events in Europe must now comply with the European regulations for advertising of medicinal products.

Help with complying

How can you ensure that your pharmaceutical-related conference or event does indeed comply with the regulations? “It is not as difficult as it may seem,” says Janine Galjaard, Director of the Keuringsraad (Advertising Control Body), responsible for the enforcement of the Netherlands’ Code of Conduct for Pharmaceutical Advertising. “Our pre-convention check offers additional certainty.”

Detailed information about the rules for advertising during medial events in the Netherlands is available on the website of the CGR (in English). For more information or tailor-made advice please contact the CGR by telephone at +31 (0)20 408 0686 or via email at [email protected].