Amsterdam is home to... 

1. Internationally renowned universities, academic hospitals and research institutions
2. Europe’s densest and most innovative life sciences and health community
3. Home to the European Medicines Agency and global firms 
4. Home to a growing community of more than 600+ life sciences companies
5. Well-connected: physically and digitally, plus, a gateway to Europe 

Life Sciences & Health 

Amsterdam is a leader in the field of life sciences and health. The concentration and cooperation of many research institutions, hospitals, universities, companies and start-ups form an innovative and dense Life Sciences and Health hub. Also, the EMA (European Medicine Agency) is located in Amsterdam in 2019, attracting other LSH business ever since . We can connect you to these partners. By combining and sharing your knowledge, you can make the best of your association event. And make a real impact.


In 2018 Amsterdam is ranked fourth best global tech city. With more than 2200 tech companies and an impressive start-up scene, tech is a big and developing sector. Also with the field of AI, we are a developing fast. Developing AI technologies for business, health and citizens have been addressed for the coming 10 years. With public-private partnership, there is a long history of collaboration to promote research, educations and innovation on AI, to be continued over the next 10 years.