The European Association for Urology made a welcome return to Amsterdam for the association's first on-site event after three years of online programming. Gathering 7,000 attendees in person and 1,200 more joining online, EAU brought urological experts together to share best practices, new technological advancements and improvements to patient care at the RAI Amsterdam convention centre.

EAU 2022 featured a new concentrated congress structure to enrich practices and patient care with 2,580 presentations, 56 courses, hands-on training, live surgeries, and Patient Days over a four-day program. For its 2022 edition, EAU combined virtual elements with live programming to expand the congress' reach internationally, ensuring members' continued access to educational resources and career development opportunities.

Supporting EAU 2022: The Amsterdam Convention Bureau

European Association for Urology Congress 2022 Facilitating collaboration between event parties and local partners is at the heart of how the Amsterdam Convention Bureau supports events gathering in Amsterdam. For EAU 2022, this involved working closely with local congress project coordinators and supporting partners to arrange digital media marketing posters along the city's central metro lines, to create visibility around the event for local residents and welcome EAU 2022 delegates to the city.

The Amsterdam Convention Bureau team also provided on-site branding and information desk assistance, and helped generate impact for event attendees through a public awareness campaign for urological care which ran during the event.

EAU local event professionals highlighted Amsterdam for its overall attractiveness in terms of venue size, accommodation capacity and social dinner locations, making Amsterdam a fitting destination for large-scale events like EAU 2022. Amsterdam's readiness and commitment to collaboration, knowledge sharing and social impact creates the perfect conditions for medical congresses of all scales to see through successful events in the city.

Why Amsterdam for EAU 2022?

European Association for Urology Congess 2022“Aside from a pleasurable reunion with all of our members, colleagues and friends, reuniting in Amsterdam marks a return to a city that has been important to EAU’s foundation and development.” EAU Secretary General, Chris Chapple, shared in the 2022 EUT Congress Edition.

Amsterdam is well positioned for medical congresses like EAU 2022 to gather thanks to the region’s combination of research expertise in healthcare, numerous specialised research institutions and a strong commitment to social collaboration. Connections between the European Association for Urology and Amsterdam's cluster of  world-renowned universities and academic medical centres like Amsterdam UMC, further unlock the potential for events like EAU 2022 to achieve wide-reaching impact and knowledge transfer.

The city also shares deep-rooted ties with EAU dating 50 years back to founding events, with Amsterdam playing a pivotal role in transforming EAU into a truly international association after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Welcoming participants from around the world, Amsterdam continues to be the place where international connections are encouraged and enabled. Thanks to Amsterdam's robust digital infrastructure, hybrid events like EAU 2022 can ensure reliable access and smooth connections to audiences online, and sustainably extend their reach worldwide.

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