On March 5 B.Building Business is hosting the first edition of Moonshot Fest, the theme; the human side of tech.

They believe in the power of people, and know behind every tech-driven idea is a team of passionate individuals. So, they’re taking some of the most impressive minds in the industry and giving them a platform to connect with you. Moonshot Fest is an event for learning, networking, inspiring and thinking.

Hosted by Remco Janssen, founder of Silicon Canals, Europe’s biggest tech and startup platform, and co-designed with B. members.

They also know that some of the best ideas don’t come to you when you’re scribbling down notes, but dawn on you hours later when you’re relaxing and drinking among friends. B.Building Business are advocates of both work and play for the entrepreneurial mind, and that’s why they've brought in Budweiser to host the Moonshot Fest 2020 afterparty, at their rooftop restaurant, café restaurant Bureau till 1 am!