4 hours workshop to become a “service designer“ ready to develop a tech for good and a positive technology using emotional intelligence techniques in the service design process.

Emotional and positive design of technical products is the focus of this event. Where the software development process is updated with positive computing techniques, having the user as a center of the design and taking care of the emotional dialogue between the user and the machine. Their answer is using Emotional Intelligence Skills.

??Would you like to improve your Positive Computing competences?

??Would you like that your Development team become a Creative and Positive thinking Team?


Why does Service Design need Emotional Intelligence?

??User engagement is trust.

??Trust is not about intelligence, to generate trust we need Emotional Intelligence Skills to make the group be psychological safe and to perform and being all alienated to the same goal and emotion to be engaged and safe.

??EI skills are mathematics, it‘s a mechanic tool, we can all learn.

??User engagement is motivation, create a trusted environment, and psychological safety to be able to communicate non-violent way with no competition and no assumptions.

Knowco by Collabwith is creating a series of workshops in partnership with SBIC Noordwijk to improve the knowledge and skills of their community on Innovation, Collaboration, Creativity and How to work together in a project by community members and knowco by collabwith partners.


??Agenda for the Workshop

?? Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

??Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

??Service design process including positive computing and emotional intelligence techniques into Artificial Intelligence development

??Open Discussion

??Practical Take Aways