Are you a smart, creative and fast developer, student, consultant, professional or entrepreneur? Do you want to solve the 21st century challenges in a team? Do you have what it takes to pitch a team to the finish line? Are you ready to code and pitch for 48h straight? But are you still looking for a team or a bit of help? We've got you covered!

In preparation for the worlds largest Blockchain Hackathon organised by and held in Groningen, the Netherlands from 3 to 5 April 2020, we are hosting a match-making and mentoring event. Targeted specifically at motivating students, girls and new developers to join and match them up with experienced developers and hackathon-goers. Besides that we will offer our own expertise (both from hackathon experience as well as blockchain technology, entrepreneurship and more, as well as some perks & assistance from several partners. We are partnering with: StartupAmsterdam, TNW X, AWS, ACE incubator and several more to come!