Global javascript leaders converge for three days of talks covering the latest and greatest ideas. Hot topics include: Serverless, Unit Testing, Deno & Typescript, Performance at Rest, Solving the right problems, Micro Frontends Pros and Cons, Advantages of React, Angular & Vue (Stop the War), Graphql, Frameworks vs Boilerplate, Webpack and JS & IOT.

The last two days focus on Vuejs topics such as Vue 3, Vue Animations, Vue-ui, Vue-Apollo, Nodepack, Vue + Graphql, Vue Hooks, Nuxtjs, Nuxt 3, Modular Approach, Progressive Web Apps PWA, BoostrapVue & A11Y, Vuetify, Quasar Framework, Vue-Press, Vue Composition API, Nuxtpress, Vue Store Front, Debugging Vue Apps and Vue Community Guide.