The event hosts talks from high-rated speakers from all around the globe that spread general knowledge about event-driven systems. There is a lot to learn from the talks and workshops offered at the Event-driven Architecture Conference.

This year the conference goes virtual, which means we start at October 1st 9 am CEST till 10 pm and on October 2nd 9 am till10 pm CEST, offering you multiple days with multiple sessions instead of a back-to-back 1 day program. You can choose which sessions you want to attend.

Selection of confirmed speakers:

- Adam Dymitruk - AdapTech Group

- Paul Rayner - VirtualGenius

- Jakob Hatzl - KML Vision

- Damir Murat & Ivan Krnic - CROZ

- Andy Whitaker & Joe Corey - the State of Indiana

- Christian Bonami - VDAB

- Jan-Hendrik Kuperus - the Dutch Police

- Pieter Pabst - Tech Mahindra

- Justin Potts - MoneyLion