Moving away from coronavirus centered topics, PRLab wants to focus on creating content at scale during this digital meetup. Several topics will be discussed:

  • How to create content that doesn’t blow your budget away
  • Software, tools that they use to create more with less
  • Myth-busting: The myth that you can only use one piece of content once
  • FindIng the right balance: When is it too much? How to know what’s enough?
  • How to repurpose content and not overspend?
The digitalisation of PR requires brands to go beyond earned media, i.e. publicity. Today’s PR landscape involves automatisation, the adoption of new tools, growth marketing and other solutions to boost our efforts and meet consumers’ ever-changing demands.

You will discuss innovation in PR, neuromarketing, growth marketing, data analysis, and more implementing the insights gained into your PR strategies to generate the impact you are looking for.