About this Event
Women are underrepresented across the technology industry, and even more so within entrepreneurship. Whilst female leadership has been proven to help businesses thrive and startups co-founded by women generate more money than those by men alone, women are not only beneficial to, but are needed in tech.
Antler & AWS want to enable exceptional women to found the companies of the future, and to help you learn from the exceptional women already working in these spaces. As such, Antler and Amazon Web Services have partnered for this free online event so you can hear from some brilliant women in tech and learn about their journeys with Antler and building in AWS.
They will be joined by:
Joanne Goh, founder and CEO of Vellum, a property technology company which has already gained recognition and been nominated as a finalist for the Propel by MIPIM award.
Joanne will be sharing her experiences in Antler and her founder journey to becoming the CEO of Vellum.
Julia Soscia, a Startup Solutions Architect Manager with Amazon Web Services, based out of New York City. Julia will be discussing her main focus which is helping customers create well-architected environments on the AWS cloud platform. She is an experienced data analyst with a focus in Analytics and Machine Learning. Hayden Young, the program & marketing manager for early-stage VC, Antler Amsterdam. Hayden originally came from a marketing background (working for companies in the aviation, entertainment and beverage industries) before moving into a startup support role as the program manager for Antler. There he assists teams on idea formation, branding, program facilitation and pitch training.
Join them for this exciting event and learn more about Antler and how you can help shape the future of entrepreneurship and technology.