Since some of the greatest challenges in data projects and data transformation are actually non-technical, and instead organisational, there is a clear need for a skillset to tackle them.

What is crucially needed is someone able to speak the “languages” of business knowledge and data science. These individuals are sometimes known as analytics translators, even if they might have other job titles.

But how do they actually do it? In this webinar, we are going to see a project for lead scoring in action!

Imagine a SaaS company. Their offering is software for automation/manufacturing (B2B), and their clients pay for the licence as they go (subscription model).

In their particular case, they are having problems getting enough qualified leads and were wasting a lot of their sales department time and resources in bad prospects. The goal is to improve the lead scoring system, to move from gut-feeling to data-driven approach, so the focus goes to good prospects.

We will see how these individuals can take an important business metric, find an indicator, transform it into a data project, manage it, evaluate the proof of concept and, depending on results, convince stakeholders of deploying it.