On the last Friday of every month, TQ is opening up their club to friends — that means you — to come and run amok with other tech lovers over drinks and city views.

Join on February 28 for this month's edition of tech drinks where we'll be welcoming back our friends from Chivas Venture! They'll once again serve welcome drinks at their sponsored cocktail bar, from 17:00 to 18:00. Make sure to grab one before they run out!


The Chivas Venture gives away $1m in no-strings funding every year to the hottest startups from around the world who successfully blend profit with purpose. Is your business built around a desire to make the world a better place? You could win a share of $1 million in funding at the Chivas Venture – and put crucial funding into your business. Apply now.
Kollekt.fm creates a tailor made music profile that fits your brand and connects you to a curator with the right music expertise. This month, Kollekt is bringing along Post Traumatic Drum Disorder, the alias of Julius van IJperen, which provides him with a musical playground that allows his experiments to unfold. He produces both techno as well as more conceptual electronic music. His debut release on the newly set up and warmly received Flippen Disks imprint reflect a strong focus on rhythm and display deep knowledge of music production and composition. His DJ sets can be best described as eclectic, electronic and psychedelic with emphasis on special grooves and rhythms.