On June 29th, Growth Tribe will host an AMA webinar with Patrick Lee, the former co-founder of Rotten Tomatoes.

Patrick is a seasoned serial entrepreneur, former co-founder and founding CEO of Rotten Tomatoes, a leading entertainment website focused on movie reviews and news and one of the top 700 most trafficked sites in the world!

Currently working on his 6th startup, Lee’s priorities have changed over the years and is now perhaps one of the chief authorities who can advise and mentor the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs.

“Early on, the most important thing you can do for company culture is grow. One feature, one category, one market to start. If (and only if) it works, then grow from there.” This is just one of the most important pieces of advice that Patrick shared throughout the years to all the founders he had mentored.

Now it’s your chance to ask him anything!

Bring your questions and fire away – Patrick is here to help you!

This webinar will be recorded so please leave all your burning questions in the sign-up form.

P.S. Patrick was nominated in top 100 most wanted speakers at Tech Conferences so this is your chance to have your personal coaching session!