For the special occasion of International Women’s day; they would like to chance to reflect on progress that we all made in the Tech industry to build and sustain an equal, diverse and inclusive culture and of course celebrate acts of courage by women in the industry.

As D&I and Gender equality becomes the focus of every organisation in Europe it still maintains to be a big challenge for many women in STEM jobs to develop their career and many women still face several challenges trying to access opportunities to grow.

During this session we will talk about how diverse we really are and what innovative ways exist which we all can accelerate gender diversity and equality and the empowerment and inclusion of women both for individual and as an organization.

Our panel and audience in the Epicenter exist of industry leaders, game-changing start-ups, social entrepreneurs and female innovators that are working on gender equality and encourage investment in services and infrastructure of diverse and inclusive environments.

Join on the 6th of March as we celebrate an inclusive future and build momentum for innovation and technology to create extraordinary opportunities for women to play an active role in building more inclusive systems, organisations and a sustainable infrastructure to accelerate the achievement of diversification and inclusivity.