About the Amsterdam Knowledge Network

Amsterdam’s reputation is that of an international meeting place for new ideas and innovation. International symposia, conferences and congresses help strengthen the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s academic and research infrastructure and are good for the economy of the region. Thus there is a public interest in the success of academic congresses and similar events, too.

Your congress in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Knowledge Network assists you in all aspects of your event. Of course, content and programming are crucial when it comes to its success. But the peripherals are important, too – the right location, accommodation that’s suitable for the target group, an inspiring cultural programme, well-organised schedules, transport and other details always leave an impression. We give practical, independent advice. For multi-day non-corporate events, these services are free.

Our services

Our services include our venue finder and service finder (and tailored venue advice through our partners). We can also put you in touch with a PCO or DMC experienced with the type of event you’re organising. And we help with making the right selection from Amsterdam’s almost overwhelming choice of more than 40,000 hotel rooms.

We assist with compiling a bid book and setting up marketing for the event, and provide general amsterdam&partners materials and information for international visitors.

Financial support

Lastly, depending on the kind of event, there are options for support in advance financing and insurance. After all, conferences cost money. You need to set up a foundation, pay deposits, market the event etc – all without even having definite attendee numbers. The pre-financing & guarantee fund (VGF) can help with that. It’s been set up to minimise associated risks, offering an interest-free loan of up to €90,000 to cover initial costs, and/or a guarantee for up to €90,000 to offset any losses due to under-attendance (with a 2.5% premium). Please note that only international multi-day events are eligible, and applications must be submitted well in advance and include a provisional budget. The Amsterdam Knowledge Network is at hand to help out with applications and to answer any further questions. To view all terms and conditions, the full application procedure and more information, please visit the VGF website.