If can't find the answer to question your question, simply email the Business Marketing & Conventions team.

1. What can the Business Marketing & Conventions team do for me?

The Business Marketing & Conventions team is the one-stop information resource for organising meetings in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. We can provide information on suitable locations and/or services, assist in the creation of a bid book, supply promotional materials, arrange site inspections, offer creative ideas and more.

2. Do I have to pay for advice or information from the Business Marketing & Conventions team?

No, the Business Marketing & Conventions team is an independent organisation and we do not charge fees for our support and advice (with the exception of bulk orders of materials). Our partners pay us a fixed amounts on a yearly basis which covers our operating expenses.

3. Do you have promotional materials I can distribute to my delegates?

Yes, we offer a variety of products for event delegates:

  • The Amsterdam Courtesy Passport (map included)

  • A business traveller's pocket-sized map of Amsterdam, including English information on several city districts

  • A printed version of the MICEdition newsletter, covering Amsterdam as a conference location

  • Amsterdam at a glance

  • Posters and banners

  • Business video

You may order any of these by sending us an email.

4. Does the Business Marketing & Conventions team organise meetings?

No, we do not organise meetings. If you need help organising a meeting or convention, you may request the assistance of a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO).

5. Can I check the availability of meeting/hotel rooms and/or make reservations through the Business Marketing & Conventions team?

No, you can contact one of Business Marketing & Conventions team partners directly to request information about the availability of accommodation, meeting spaces and other facilities.

6. Where can I find an overview of all meetings and convention partners of the Business Marketing & Conventions department?

You can use our convenient Travel Trade & Event Finder to find Business Marketing meeting and convention partners, including hotels, special locations, convention services, Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs), Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and social programmes.

7. Where can I find information about transportation to, from and within Amsterdam?

Information about arriving in and departing from Amsterdam, including public transportation, parking, taxis, and more is available on the I amsterdam website.

8. Where can I find information for tourists in Amsterdam?

You can find tourist information on the Visiting section of the I amsterdam website.

9. Where can I find information on doing business in Amsterdam?

Browse the Business section of the I amsterdam website to find information about setting up a business in Amsterdam, or look at the Local section for more information about living here as an expat. 

10. How can I receive regular news about Business Marketing & Conventions in Amsterdam?

Send us an email with your name and address to receive news about Business Marketing & Conventions in Amsterdam.