I amsterdam® approved | What is it?

I amsterdam® approved is a collaboration between hotels in Amsterdam, amsterdam&partners and RAI Amsterdam, which guarantees the organisers of international conferences, exhibitions and other events that they can always have 16,000 rooms at their disposal in our city. 

The participating 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels have predetermined the number of rooms they offer to organisers of (citywide) congresses at a fixed maximum price. This enables the city to respond quickly and efficiently to organisers of international conferences in bid processes for large congresses and events, without holding preliminary discussions and guarantee the availability of up to 16,000 hotel rooms in Amsterdam. In addition, the label stands for affordability and reliability.

Over the last years, the hotel capacity in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has increased significantly to 41,000 rooms in 2016. As a result, Amsterdam is even better equipped to accommodate large conferences and solidify its position as an international conference city.

I amsterdam® approved | What does the label stand for?

  • Quality
  • Affordability 
  • Reliability

The introduction of the label is meant to 'unburden' the target groups, so that they know that they have the ‘best deal': the right rooms and numbers of rooms at a competitive price.

I amsterdam® approved | Who is it for?

The I amsterdam® approved label is aimed at three target groups:
  1. Organisers (B2B) of international events
  2. Exhibitors (B2B) at international events
  3. Visitors (B2B) of international events

Allotment of rooms, prices and conditions will be established for each conference .individually.

I amsterdam® approved | Who can use it?

At the moment the quality seal is meant to be used by two clearly stated parties, on the one hand the hotels, on the other hand the (official) housing agent.


All hotels that agree to offer at least 65% of their room allotment at a maximum price during a citywide conference and who are a member of amsterdam&partners are able to join the programme. After signing a contract between the hotel, amsterdam&partners and RAI Amsterdam (who negotiates maximum prices), the hotel can use the label.

Housing agents

All housing agents that sell rooms for conferences without mark-ups and only offer those hotels that have joined the I amsterdam® approved label may also use the label. For this they sign a contract with amsterdam&partners. This is because complete transparency of fees is an important part of the I amsterdam® approved policy.

For more information please e-mail: meetings@iamsterdam.com.