About NewMotion

NewMotion provides a scheme for using charging points and develops and manufactures innovative, smart and user-friendly charging solutions. The company was founded by software entrepreneur Alef Arendsen and banker Risaart van Montfrans in 2009, with Sander Ouwerkerk acting as an adviser; he is now business development director. By late 2014, NewMotion’s staff had reached 90 and was rapidly increasing. “The City of Amsterdam has realised that clean air is something that is important to society,” says Ouwerkerk, “and they have been a great partner to work with on the introduction of EVs, starting with the vehicle charging infrastructure.” As of late 2018, NewMotion has more than 70,000 charging points in 25 countries and is Europe’s largest EV charging provider. 

Sheer joy of driving

Amsterdam has an electric vehicle rental scheme called Car2Go and a fleet of electric taxis. But good intentions will only get electric mobility so far. Ultimately, users are concerned about cost, ease-of-use and driving experience. Here, Ouwerkerk insists, the driving public are being won over: “Once people start driving EVs, their repurchase intent of another EV is 95%. It’s such a superb experience driving a car like the electric Tesla that people choose it for the sheer joy,” he says. “Battery prices are coming down fast and then you get to the tipping point where it’s more fun to drive and it’s cheaper. So why would your next car have a combustion engine?” A little later, silently cruising around the inner canals of Amsterdam in a bright blue electric Tesla, it becomes clear that he may have a point. We make less noise than the passing bicycles, and it’s a little like driving around in a comic-book vision of the future.

An electric future

“My son said the other day, ‘Daddy, what’s that sound the camera on your phone makes when you take a picture?’ He’s never seen a normal camera. Our dream is that our kids don’t even know what it is to drive with petrol,” says Ouwerkerk. And in Amsterdam, that vision is coming true. The number of new EV registrations in the Netherlands is rapidly rising, and so is the amount of charging points.