Cruising towards a zero-emissions future

The world is changing in response to the climate crisis. Though there are many things people can do on an individual level, some changes require the help of companies like EVBox. Based in Amsterdam, it offers everything needed to power up electric vehicles, including charging stations and management software. 

Over the years, EVBox has grown rapidly, making the transition from a small Dutch outfit to global scale-up. StartupAmsterdam spoke with events coordinator Juliette Crespel and PR & communications specialist Madeline Ana Vidak about the company’s journey and the challenges it faces.

In your own words, can you tell me what EVBox does?

Madeline: EVBox is a manufacturer and provider of charging stations for the mobility industry and also charging-management software. We are on a mission towards a zero-emissions future and we are really taking our mission seriously. We have now placed 115,000 charging points all over the world. 

We were founded in 2010 in the Netherlands, and since then, we have expanded quite nicely to over 13 offices across the globe. We’re mainly in Europe and North America, where we just announced we’re going to open our headquarters in Libertyville [in Illinois], so we’re expanding a lot, which is really good, because there is a need for charging infrastructure on a global scale.

EVBox electric car charging

What’s your favourite thing about working in Amsterdam?

Madeline: For me, it’s really the vibe of the city. People are young and vibrant and very motivated, and just keep each other going. It’s such an international place with very interesting people to learn from and grow. 

How would you describe the startup culture in Amsterdam?

Juliette: I would describe it as very open and welcoming to expressing your ideas. Culture-wise, it’s very mixed, because it feels very Dutch, but you learn from so many cultures every day because there are so many people you talk to and come across.

What’s the biggest challenge EVBox has dealt with so far?

Madeline: Educating people, basically, about why e-mobility is important. A lot of people are just in the early stages of accepting that we’re in a climate crisis… So, I would say the education of people about more sustainable transport and [letting them know] they don’t have to give up on comfort, and that [electric vehicles] are contributing to the bigger picture, and really, a better future. It’s about stepping out of a comfort zone and not being so addicted to old transport habits.

EVBox electric vehicle charging Schiphol

Where do you see EVBox going in the future?

Juliette: I see EVBox growing very fast. We had a really huge jump in employees; three years ago, there were 80 people and now, we’re over 500 already. We want to install one million charging stations globally by 2025, so this is where I see EVBox in five years.

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