Amsterdam: ideal for logistics 

“We provide logistics services – airfreight, sea freight, trucking and courier services – in 21 countries with 600 colleagues, and we’ve been in business for just six years. IJS Global began in the US, in New York, but in 2010 we moved our global headquarters to Amsterdam. We made that move because the Netherlands is one of the prime locations to have your headquarters. There are many reasons for that – not least of which is the infrastructure. It’s a combination of luck – geographically, the Netherlands is exceptionally well positioned – and customs rules and government policy. Over the last 25 years the government has ensured that the infrastructure is there, not only within the Netherlands but beyond it too. As a company, we constantly have to be innovative, which means we have to find the right people. We find the best people in this area: they know the business and they speak multiple languages. Unlike countries such as the UK, France or Germany, the Netherlands is not a major manufacturing country. Instead, we’re a service-oriented country, with a long history of logistics. And of course we have two perfect engines to power the logistics industry here: Schiphol Airport and the ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Let’s leverage those.”