Jan de Kreuk, Head of Airfreight, Hanjin Logistics Europe

“Hanjin Logistics Europe, a subsidiary of the South Korean company Hanjin Logistics, is a third-party logistics service provider delivering supply-chain control to companies in need of it. We provide international transport through the air and by sea. As part of the company’s aim to be present in all major ports across Europe, we set up our on-airport base at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in March 2012. Schiphol’s geographic location means we have easy connections both within and beyond Europe. Many years ago, there was an advertising campaign that described Schiphol – and the Netherlands generally – as the gateway to Europe. That is still very true: it is ideal as a platform for distributing our customers’ goods throughout Europe. Additionally, for foreign companies setting up in the Netherlands there are many benefits, including a competitive tax climate. And Schiphol’s commitment to e-freight [Schiphol is one of the world’s most active paperless airfreight communities] is very much in line with our own vision. In terms of efficiency and costs – not only for us, but also for airlines and handling agencies – paperless airfreight is the future.”