Alvimedica in Amsterdam

Cem Bozkurt, CEO at Alvimedica Medical Technologies, is an ambitious man at the head of an ambitious company. Within the next three years, Bozkurt intends to grow the company into one of the five largest producers of high-end heart surgery equipment in the world. Speaking in the reception area of the Alvimedica global marketing office, Bozkurt notes that the arrival of Alvimedica in Amsterdam is an important step on the path to achieving the company’s goals. Located alongside a stately Amsterdam canal, the building housing the company offices literally leans against the Official Mayor’s Residence.

“This is a complex operation in a global industry that is evolving rapidly,” comments Bozkurt. “So we decided to set up a coordination centre for all our marketing and brand activities around the globe. To us, it was only logical that Amsterdam should be at the heart of this. After this decision, it was easy. The NFIA, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, helped us find a location and within three weeks we could start hiring.”

Base for growth

Alvimedica Medical Technologies’ history is brief yet eventful. Founded in 2006 by a number of Turkish investors and headquartered in Istanbul, Alvimedica has now grown into a global player with one of the largest and best-equipped clean rooms and production facilities in the world of medical technology.

Bozkurt comments on developments: “As we take our place among the leading companies in our field, we take a special pride in investing in our human resources. We have created a team of skilled professionals who work together towards success in five different continents. Amsterdam has a long-standing history as one of Europe’s leading business hubs because of its innovative character and its accessibility. This is essential for us.”

“As far as our global marketing operations are concerned, Amsterdam is the best place for us to be. The city has a strong international orientation and an extremely well-equipped cluster of service organisations. And naturally, there is the vibrant pace of the city’s business life and its immaculate legacy as a global centre of trade that has been in place for many years now.”

Talent flourishes in Amsterdam

“A global brand benefits enormously from a business setting with as many different players as there are in Amsterdam. The city has a very stable communication infrastructure, a deep and profound knowledge of global marketing and brand strategies and added to that, our people love to live here. Talent simply flourishes in Amsterdam.”

Bozkurt sees a range of similarities with his hometown of Istanbul. “Both cities provide a vivid lifestyle, the close proximity of a diverse business community and a strong social scene. Amsterdam and Istanbul also share a rich and solid business heritage and are business hubs as well as attractive cities to live in. These similarities have already nurtured four centuries of prosperous trade relations between our countries.”

And Alvimedica’s CEO believes many other Turkish companies will follow in his footsteps and set up a base in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: “I am confident that more and more of them will appreciate the potential of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. And we are playing our part as voluntary ambassadors for Amsterdam within the Turkish business community.”