Amsterdam companies choose Verizon, and Verizon chooses Amsterdam

Verizon Communications is a US telecommunications company. The majority of international companies with an office in the Amsterdam Area in fact use a Verizon ICT solution for their internal and external communications.

"Amsterdam’s appeal particularly to young and internationally-oriented people was one of the determinants in opting to locate this facility in the capital city. Our clients expect us to pursue them across the globe so that they can call on us immediately should anything go wrong, or help them adapt and implement new ICT developments. They also prefer to communicate in their native language. This means that you need to have in-house staff representing all European nationalities and languages. I’m sure that if we had located this function elsewhere, it would have been more difficult to attract people from such diverse backgrounds. Living and working in Amsterdam has literally proven to be an additional argument in their choosing to work for Verizon."

Extended enterprise

Verizon Communications ranks among the world’s top three largest communications companies. "We want to be innovative within that concept and aim to provide sound, proven solutions ahead of our competitors."

Hoevenaars says that the Dutch situation offers an excellent opportunity to do just that. "The Netherlands has the infrastructure and scale to enable businesses to maximise the benefit of the technology and solutions currently available. The density of broadband is high; the world’s busiest internet hub is located there. Moreover, the average user of telecom and digital services in the Netherlands is very receptive to new developments and innovations."


Hoevenaars believes that these advantages will also propel the Netherlands to the forefront of a development that is set to revolutionise the ICT landscape in the years ahead: the emergence of cloud computing. "Basically, cloud computing means that users will no longer need to manage ICT applications and infrastructure in-house but will apply solutions that can be accessed in a secure environment via the internet."

"It will enable them to benefit from innovations at a much earlier stage and at lower costs. Though, this development entails that you will need to offer further added value. But being Verizon we hold a very favourable view of the outcome. The Netherlands is currently one of the four regions worldwide where Verizon has disposal of a data centre that satisfies the most stringent cloud requirements. This is bound to generate new business for us."