Important Dutch market

“The Netherlands is an important market for us”, Wang relates. “We see so much energy and passion on Twitter and there is a much greater market penetration than elsewhere. You were early adopters, so Twitter became mainstream much sooner.” Twitter sees the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area as the perfect location from which to work on further expansion into continental Europe.

Impact on a global scale

At Twitter, they express equal measures of surprise and delight at the popularity of the social network in the Netherlands. “Twitter in the Netherlands has an impact on a global scale”, says Wang. One example is the Dutch TV show The Voice of Holland. The integrated use of Twitter is a fitting example of how the company would like to be positioned in the TV industry. The spin-offs all over the world demonstrated that integration works in other places as well. Twitter sees the Netherlands as an experimental garden in which it is keen to sow the seeds of innovation.

#Troon: 1 million tweets

Twitter was over the moon with the widespread tweeting of Dutch Twitter users during the abdication of Princess Beatrix and the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander in 2013. In the days surrounding the succession, as many as one million tweets were made. The hashtag #troon (#throne) was particularly popular.

However, Twitter also saw intensive usage outside of the Netherlands. Strikingly enough, US Twitter users were the third most fanatical users during the events surrounding the ceremony, after the Netherlands and Argentina. To loosely quote Wang: the US is a country that focuses on entertainment and celebrities, and anything in the sphere is simply devoured. Twitter is keen to continue to make giant leaps forward, naturally not just in matters related to the Dutch kingdom, but in the areas of sport, entertainment and TV: also fields of particular interest to the Dutch.

Success stories

Given the relevance of the Netherlands for Twitter, establishing an office in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area made perfect sense for a number of reasons. In an interview (Dutch only) with Dutch news service (in Dutch), Tony Wang noted that the principle reason behind the decision to establish offices in the region is Twitter’s success in the Netherlands.

Digital nation

Almost the entire population of Dutch internet users access social media (96%) and the Netherlands is exceptionally well represented on Twitter and LinkedIn (ranking first in terms of internet penetration for both sites). More than a quarter of Dutch internet users visit these sites every month. While the top 10 countries in LinkedIn penetration are either English-speaking or located in Western Europe, the top countries for Twitter usage were spread across the five major global regions.