Growth and Goals

Mean Well is a major player in the quality switching power supplier market. The Taiwanese company has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of components that compensate for voltage differences, or convert low-voltage into alternating current. 

Having expanded to the point of establishing an office in the USA, the company decided to strengthen its European presence. “Especially because we feel it is one of the markets in which there is still plenty of growth for us to achieve,” says Lai.

Positive Results

Having an on-site presence in Europe has had many positive effects so far. “We are able to respond to 75 percent of our customers within 24 hours,” says Lai proudly. “Our goal is to be able to guarantee all of our distributors and other buyers 24-hour service no later than 2015.”

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area’s excellent transport links are important in achieving such service standards. Being on the spot also allows the company to track developments in the European market. While this market represents a third of the parent company’s total turnover, Lai believes further growth is possible. This, however, will call for expansion. “There are 17 non-stop flights a week from here to Taipei,” explains the Mean Well general manager. “In addition, most of our products ship to the Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. In terms of logistics, the Netherlands is clearly the heart of Europe.”

“We need to expand and develop our sales organisation, as well as intensify our R&D and technical support activities,” he says. The company is intending to build new premises in the next couple of years. The details still have to be decided. But there is no question about location, says Lai: “We are going to stay in the Amsterdam Area.”

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