Headquarters in Amsterdam

LeaseWeb was founded in 1997 by two former pilots Con Zwinkels and Laurens Rosenthal in the “prehistoric age when people were still using dial-up internet.” Much has changed since then, not least the company’s size: it operates eight datacenters while incorporating 57 points of presence and 36 Internet Exchanges worldwide.

Why LeaseWeb loves startups

Startups have clear technological wishes and demands. They are used to taking risk, so they embrace our new technologies easily and eagerly. As opposed to big companies that need to prioritise stability.” This, the men agree, makes startups great clients to work with.

Of course, there is also as sense of kinship: “Most startups are internet professionals: without the internet they don’t have a business model. The same goes for LeaseWeb. We like to take care of those who grow with the internet.”

Growth potential

LeaseWeb knows that although startups start small, they have the potential to grow big, fast. This is why the company prioritises performance and scalability. LeaseWeb has built its infrastructure so that it is simple to manage and easy to scale up. “We have set it up as a lean machine operation. We want to provide our client with the autonomy to operate their own services and to scale up when necessary. An administrator always has the lead.”

With platforms in Europe, the United States and Asia, LeaseWeb can help startups grow to any corner of the globe and it's also attracted scale-ups like WIX.

Made in Holland

When asked what sets LeaseWeb apart from its international counterparts, the founders, perhaps surprisingly, point out the Dutch origin. They believe their company’s progressive nature, like experimenting with the latest technology, springs from Dutch culture. An important benefit for startups to choose a European IaaS (infrastructure as service) provider like LeaseWeb is the legal aspect. With the EU data protection law, it is convenient to have a provider conform to local regulations.

The men are proud to be headquartered in Amsterdam: “Amsterdam is an outstanding internet junction, with various international cable systems passing through. The region has a healthy entrepreneurial climate and is a neutral hub on Europe’s main land. We notice an upward and self-improving cycle in Amsterdam: as it keeps fortifying its international infrastructure, it draws in ever more international clients who take notice of the city’s outstanding connectivity and price-quality relation.”

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