A multinational company in a multicultural city

With a presence in 16 countries, everis is a true multinational. In the Netherlands, the company has overseen its business operation from The Hague for the last four years, working on projects with international organisations such as the European Patent Organisation, NATO, Europol and various agencies from the EU and the UN, as well as working for clients from the private sector. With its move to Amsterdam, everis hopes to boost its continued growth even further.

Why choose Amsterdam?

Everis’ move to Amsterdam was decided by several factors. As one of Europe’s major financial centres, within the Netherlands Amsterdam was a logical choice for the company: “The first sectors we usually open in a new country are the financial sector and telecom,” says Fuster. “For banking, it’s best to be in Amsterdam, as our main target clients – ING, ABN Amro – are based here.”

And if they do need to meet with someone outside of the city, the Netherlands is well-connected and easily navigable: “We can move around easily,” Fuster adds. Another reason for the move was how well-known Amsterdam is, as a thriving business centre but also, more simply, as a famous capital city – as Fuster puts it, it’s all about “the Amsterdam brand. Having our headquarters in Amsterdam is better in terms of image for the company. It’s just so well-known worldwide.”

Enticing people with the allure of Amsterdam

But, as so often, it’s really all about talent. Moving to Amsterdam, says Fuster, “makes sense for hiring people. From a business perspective, it’s always about attracting people.” Everis aim to hire local talent and highly-skilled talent from abroad. Fuster says working in Amsterdam make it easy to entice those people into moving.

“It’s a multicultural city,” he says. “Lots of expats live in the city…There are people from everywhere here, you hear so many languages. Coming from abroad, working here, as an expat, you feel at home very easily. Everyone speaks English.”

The happiness of its employees is close to the heart of the business. “We respect our people, because they are really our main asset,” says Fuster. Like it has done elsewhere, the company is planning to hire young talent in Amsterdam.

“We are going to hire lots of young people coming from university. We often have students working for everis and when they graduate, we hire them. We like to train them, and help them grow. We always look for long relationships with our clients, but also, and probably more importantly, with our people. We look for people that want to go on a long-term career path here at everis.” Fuster certainly practices what he preaches, having been with the company for 20 years already.

A spirit of innovation

There is another reason why Amsterdam and everis are a good fit: they share a spirit of innovation and a willingness to experiment. “We work a lot with the ecosystem of startups,” explains Fuster, and to encourage new ideas, “we’ve created the Living Lab. It helps our clients to co-create, to think, to build, to do proof of concepts, projects, to test. It gives them what they need to try new things and decide where they want to go.”

This space for new developments is then supported by the resources everis can offer: “We have our experts, we can give advice, we can build solutions for our clients.” This always happens with an open mind as a starting point. Part of the company philosophy, Fuster says, is that they are “technology agnostics,” meaning they are independent and not wedded to a single technology or system. “We are not selling a specific technology – we always offer the best option for the client.”

Looking to the future and creating new job opportunities

Where to go from here? Everis’ first clients in Amsterdam are in finance and telecoms; September will see the addition of new clients in the insurance sector. And of course, everis is also closely connected to another big newcomer to Amsterdam: the European Medicines Agency. Fuster says everis will hire new staff to work on EMA projects.

“We have very important contracts with the EMA, and these contracts will come here. So we have to decide our own strategy – some people will relocate [from London], but we will also hire people here.” And that, of course, is something that comes easily to everis. “We are a company that’s looking into the future. We want to grow, we’ve been growing since we created the company. We are a company that after 22 years still grows: last year by 14%. And we’ve done that mainly organically, by hiring people.”

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