Making the world better, one survey at a time

It’s hard not to gasp upon entering the Effectory offices. The beautiful historic building on Amsterdam’s historic Singel canal has retained much of its original grandeur: there’s a sweeping marble staircase, a massive chandelier and a bas-relief of frolicking cherubs. 

But take a few more steps and you’ll find a modern tech company with a squad of developers, marketers and skilled team members committed to making the world better one survey at a time. And they know that being located in Amsterdam plays a major role in the company’s success and ability to find the talent needed to keep progressing.

Effectory lunch

Moving from paper to digital

Founded in 1996, Effectory began as a two-man operation that created simple print surveys for companies looking to gather employee feedback. In fact, there’s still a shop in the basement of their office that creates paper surveys for people whose jobs don’t typically involve a computer. 

Over the years though, the business has largely moved online and now helps companies with staff ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands check in with their people. Corporate recruiter Tijmen Romeijn says: “We do this by helping clients listen to their employees and making sure their feedback is implemented. We have consultants that go to clients and speak with their HR manager or board to find out what they want feedback on. Based on that, we set up a survey. This can be a monthly survey, for a small measurement, or a really big survey that’s done once a year. It really depends on how much you want to know.”

Going the extra mile for clients

And what if the results of a survey reveal any problems? Effectory has a specialised consultancy service that provides clients with the support and guidance they need. “Getting results and learning that you’re not doing well is fine, but if you don’t know how to solve it, then we haven’t helped at all,” explains Romeijn. “So we have trainers that can come in and sit down with the team to work towards a solution.” 

This approach – helping clients successfully deal with the challenges revealed through their surveys – also allows Effectory to stand out among increasing competition. “There are a lot of companies from the US taking an interest in the field… and it’s becoming easier for [people] to make surveys themselves,” Romeijn explains. But he believes that by offering clients valuable support and insight, Effectory is a step above companies offering little more than basic questionnaires. 

A magnet for talent

Like many companies based in Amsterdam, Effectory believes the city plays an important role in its success. “We want to be an international company and Amsterdam has a lot of international talent, so that helps us a lot,” says Romeijn. “The people we hire are adding qualities to the company that we need. It’s the biggest advantage of being based here – you can find talent.”

Erik Lieben, a senior software developer at Effectory, also thinks Amsterdam has some unique benefits. “There’s a lot of tech conferences and meetups and [so much] going on in the world of tech to engage and share knowledge,” he says. “We have a lot of events in Amsterdam regarding any tech topic you want to learn about, which is very nice. And I like that you can just go out and walk through Amsterdam on your lunch break or take a trip on the boat and enjoy the view.”

Effectory team meeting

When the right person for a role at Effectory can’t be found locally, Amsterdam’s reputation as an excellent place to live makes it an attractive destination to people from abroad. Effectory also participated in project: amsterdam, an initiative that connected leading tech companies with talented candidates from around the world, including senior software developer Anthony Solomon. 

After applying online, Solomon received a call inviting him to the Netherlands. “They flew me out to Amsterdam, and they took us around and I went through a couple of rounds of interviews with different staff and they explained [Effectory] to me and how it worked. About a month later, they phoned and let me know I got the job.” And like the rest of the Effectory team, he feels at home in Amsterdam and finds the city an exciting place to live and work.  

Putting customers first

Though Effectory relies on people with advanced tech skills and the ability to handle complex work, its objective couldn’t be any simpler. “The main goal,” says Romeijn, “is to make the employees of our customers happier.” 

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